Hi bro, do you know that there are many kinds of men’s shirts? Is it that important for you to have several types of shirts? Look bro. There are many ways that you can look cool and charming in the eyes of others. One of the easiest ways is to choose the best outfit.

What needs to be understood, the best outfit doesn’t need to be expensive. As long as you can choose a style that suits your personality, you will have more value that no one else has.

Among the many types of outfits, a shirt is one of the suits that you must have. The reason is because it can be used in many events, be it formal, semi-formal, or casual events.

Batik Shirt
Batik Shirt

In addition, shirts are also a fairly affordable type of product. Currently, there are many domestic and foreign brands that offer the best quality types of men’s shirts but the prices are quite friendly.

The Importance of Understanding the Different Types of Shirts
Of course you can’t just choose a shirt because there are dozens of types that have to be adjusted according to the event being attended. If it’s careless, there are many bad risks that you certainly don’t want to experience.

Therefore, knowledge about the type of shirt is quite important. For more details, consider the discussion in the points below.

  1. Not Considered Wrong Costume
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As previously mentioned, the main requirement so that you can look fashionable is to be smart in determining the style of dress. When choosing a shirt, you need to adjust it to its use.

That is, distinguish between formal and non-formal events. If, for example, you are an office worker and have daily activities related to formal activities, then a formal shirt is an item that must be in your wardrobe.

On the other hand, if you are someone who likes a simple dress style but still wants to look cool, a casual type of shirt can be a smart choice. In essence, you need to really understand the different types and functions of shirts so that you don’t think they are wrong costumes.

2. Bring up the Self and Personality
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Understanding the type of shirt is an important factor so that you can easily determine your style of dress. Although in general there are only two types of shirts, namely formal and casual, there are many other specifications that should not be ignored.

For example, the shape of the collar, the layout of the buttons, the color and pattern of the shirt, the shape of the sleeves, the basic materials, and so on. These specifications will later have their own nuances and can represent identity.

It is enough to wear the right shirt, people can already judge how true your personality is. Therefore, you should first understand the characteristics of various types of shirts so that they are right when shopping and can be worn for a long time.

Men’s Shirt Type Options

After understanding the importance of knowing the different types of shirts, then you can choose the right suit. Just adjust it to your daily activities and the budget you have. To make it clearer, you should first consider the explanation of the 10 best choices for the best shirt types below. Check this out!

  1. Formal Shirts

Among the various types of men’s shirts, this one is arguably a must-have. For attending important and official events, a formal shirt outfit is the best choice. Formal shirts or often called dress shirts are generally long-sleeved type. You can use it when working in an office, meeting, or coming to dinner.

There are various models of formal shirt collars, including pointed, wing, and cutaway. Then also deliberately designed to be able to hold the shape of the shirt so that it doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Generally, formal shirts come in soft color choices and are not too flashy. You can combine it with various accessories to make it look more classy, ​​for example, ties, glasses, and loafers.

The shirt is made using cotton. Its main characteristic is that the fabric is not dreamy, smooth, cool for the wearer, easily absorbs sweat, and does not wrinkle easily. If you don’t like being complicated with a suit and complement to other formal clothes, then a shirt like this is more suitable for you to wear, bro.

2. Batik shirt Sepatu Branded

The next type of men’s shirt that you can try is the batik shirt. The choice of clothes on this one may be familiar because they are very close to the people of Indonesia.

One of the batik shirt recommendations from me is the long-sleeved Andromeda batik shirt from Qlob as seen above. The material is made of premium cotton covered with furing. So, the shirt doesn’t heat you up and it’s still comfortable to use.

Batik shirts are a smart choice when you attend the weddings of friends and relatives. Even some offices and agencies, both private and government, make batik as an official uniform.

This is because these clothes are identical to the personality of the Indonesian people and also have many advantages. Besides looking dignified, you can also bring out a masculine side.

There are many motifs that you can choose from, usually each region has its own distinctive style. Batik shirts also do not need to be combined with excessive accessories. Enough with a long-sleeved batik shirt suit coupled with black cloth pants and loafers, you can attend important events without having to look stiff.

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