3. Oxford shirt Michaelkors Outlet

Maybe the name of this shirt sounds a little unique. Oxford is taken from the fabric used as the main material for this shirt. The oxford shirt is one of those classic suits that has been around for over 100 years. Its distinctive features are the thick texture of the fabric, the design of the collar buttons, and the hanger under the back collar.

One of my recommendations for an oxford shirt is a blue long sleeve shirt from Qlob like the photo example above. Since the material is cotton, you won’t get too hot.

This suit is quite applicative and versatile. That is, you can use it for formal or semi-formal events. You can also combine it with chinos or jeans. Oh yes, you should not combine an oxford shirt with a suit because the casual nuances that appear are out of sync with the formal style of the suit.

4. Flannel shirt

If the previous discussion focuses on the choice of formal shirts, the next one can be used as a reference for choosing a casual dress style. In recent years, flannel shirts have become quite popular in Indonesia, especially among young people.

In fact, this type of shirt was once synonymous with field workers or those who deal directly with menial jobs. Therefore, the flannel shirt has a thick texture and is expected to be able to better withstand cold air.

What characterizes flannel is the plaid pattern and soft fabric. Currently, flannel shirts have become the main style choice for men.

Apart from being comfortable to use, you will also look more fashionable. It is enough to combine it with a plain shirt without needing to be buttoned, the impression you will get is simple without the need to put aside the casual nuances.

5. Denim Shirts Tas Branded

This next type of shirt is also favored by many men. You may often see people around wearing denim shirts as an everyday style of dress. Denim is indeed a very comfortable material to wear in various activities. That’s why producers have transformed denim into various outfits, from shirts, pants, jackets, to hats.

Denim shirts come in different thicknesses. Because Indonesia has a tropical climate, my advice is to look for materials that are not too thick so as not to limit your movement and the air circulation is smoother.

The impression you will get is casual and the masculinity side is more exposed. A denim shirt goes well with a shirt and you can open the buttons as a whole. To make it even cooler, try rolling the arms up to the elbows. Don’t forget to wear sneakers before you hang out with friends.

6. Chambray shirt

Many people have the wrong perception and think a chambray shirt is the same as a denim shirt because it looks quite similar. In fact, the basic ingredients are clearly different.

Chambray shirts are made with a plain woven fabric which results in a lighter garment product when compared to denim. Because of this, the chambray is very comfortable to wear and does not quickly make it stifling.

This type of shirt is suitable for you to use for various events, for example, traveling, studying, or just hanging out. It’s also quite easy to combine it with other outfits. The tips, you should choose a color of pants with clear contrasts. For example, you can choose soft colored chino pants to make it look easier going.

7. Overshirt shirt

If you are confused about finding the right type of shirt to wear in various weather conditions, an overshirt shirt can be the right solution. This type of shirt has a thick texture, so it is often referred to as a light jacket.

When the weather is warm, overshirt shirts are good enough to circulate air so you don’t get hot easily. Then when the weather is cold, this shirt can be used as a body warmer.

To combine it with other outfits is quite easy. Enough with an overshirt shirt plus a white shirt and boots, you look cool and fashionable.

8. Linen Shirts

Linen shirts are perfect for those who often do outdoor activities. With a light and porous texture, it makes you feel cooler and also quickly evaporates sweat.

Compared to formal shirts, linen has a wider variety of colors. If you are the type of person who is colorful and likes to experiment, there’s nothing wrong with trying a pastel linen shirt, for example.

Linen shirts are also quite versatile because you can wear them on casual and semi-formal occasions. Just mix it with cloth pants or jeans so you are ready to do your daily activities.

9. Short Sleeve Shirts

Looking cool and fashionable doesn’t always have to be a long sleeve shirt. Short sleeves are also appropriate as long as you choose the right one.

Maybe there are many assumptions that short-sleeved shirts are only suitable for parents to wear. You should start leaving this kind of stigma because now clothing brand manufacturers have presented short-sleeved shirt designs that are suitable for young people to use for work or just hangout.

One of my recommendations for a short sleeve shirt is the Gingham series shirt from Qlob like the photo above. The material is made of cotton and not thick, so it won’t make it too hot.

The choice of cotton material is very important in a country with a tropical climate like Indonesia. This shirt choice certainly makes you more comfortable when moving and doesn’t seem too stiff.

There are quite a number of designs to choose from, be it a patterned or plain short sleeve shirt with certain colors. What is clear, you can apply this outfit in various events without worrying about being labeled the wrong costume.

10. Hawaiian shirts Sepatu Branded

The last shirt type recommendation is a Hawaiian shirt. This shirt is often referred to as a beach shirt and has a thick relaxed feel.

Actually Hawaiian shirts are included in the old school style of dress. However, since the early 2000s, this style has begun to be seen again, especially by young people.

The hallmark of a Hawaiian shirt is an open collar and is far from being formal. The motif is also more colorful, the most common example is a flower motif on a light color background.

Hawaiian shirts are suitable for those of you who don’t like the hassle of dealing with clothing styles and always prioritizing casual styles. My advice, try choosing a slightly oversized Hawaiian shirt to make it more comfortable to use when traveling with the people closest to you.

So that’s a review of various types of men’s shirts that you can use everyday.

Use the right type of clothing depending on the activity or atmosphere to maximize your appearance. In addition, make sure you mix and match the shirts you are going to wear with the right pants too.

There are also many types of men’s pants, bro. You can check here for various types of men’s pants that are commonly used daily. If you have questions or comments about the types of men’s shirts, please share them in the comments column below. Make sure to check out the easy ways to look cool everyday. Of course, really masculine bro!

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