Shirt is a must-have for a man. Unfortunately there are millenials’ perceptions that shirts are tops that can only be used for formal settings. Mister disagrees because there are actually several types of men’s shirts that can be used for all situations without looking stiff or boring. Follow Mister’s recommendation on 4 types of men’s shirts that are suitable for millenials to still look stylish and modern.

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  • Ultra Casual

Wearing a shirt on a hot and humid day is not recommended, unless the type of shirt is a bowling or cuban-collared shirt. This type of men’s shirt has a collar style that is open and boxy cuttings that display a very relaxed style. Although inspired by the retro style, bowling / cuban-collared shirt is a shirt trend that is currently rising among millennial men. With lightweight materials and various color and pattern combinations, bowling / cuban-collared shirts are the choice of men’s shirts for very casual days. Tas Branded

  • Casual

Need a shirt for a casual day but want to display a more subtle style? It’s time to wear a flannel shirt. Flannel shirts are shirts made of flannel, which consist of cotton, wool or synthetic fibers that are specially woven to create a soft, comfortable texture. Flannel shirts are also a type of shirt that can be displayed as a boss or outerwear. Mister recommends that you look for a flannel shirt that has thinner material to keep it comfortable and cool in Indonesia.

  • Officewear

The two previous types of shirts are perfect for a casual atmosphere, but what is the right shirt for when you work at the office? According to Mister, a reliable shirt is an Oxford shirt button-down. This shirt is made of Oxford cloth which is a thick and quite dense woven fabric. This shirt also has a type of collar that can be buttoned to maintain its shape. A timeless top, a button-down Oxford shirt is the type of shirt that is suitable for professional style (by combining trouser pants) or smart casual appearance (with your favorite jeans subordinate). Sepatu Branded

  • Dress shirt

Although Oxford shirts can be used when going to the office or formal events, but there is one other type of men’s shirt that is more appropriate to use when you come to a prestigious party or a luxurious wedding. This type of men’s shirt is a dress shirt which is a type of shirt made of woven cotton and has a crisper and stiffer texture. Dress shirts also have a variety of collar styles such as spreads, cutaway, and mandarin. This type of shirt can be completed with a suit or blazer and tie accessories.

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