Types of Suits

As you well know, a suit is one of important clothes for men. Suit / suit (English: suit) is actually a European style formal dress consisting of at least a suit and trousers made from the same fabric and color. Suit must be worn outside the shirt. In England, a suit is also known as a jacket.

Based on the number of buttons on the front, the suit is divided into single breasted (double row) and double breasted (double row button). While based on the number of parts / pieces on the back, the suit consists of single vent and double vent.

Single Breasted or Double Breasted?

Single breasted suits are the default choice of suits. While a double breasted suit does look more manly and stylish but is not suitable for you who are short in stature or large body.

Number of Buttons Michaelkors Outlet

Most of the suits made by fashion houses or tailors, generally have two buttons. A 3 button suit is better for you who is tall. If you work in a creative field or your work environment is not too conservative, you can wear a single breasted suit.

Am I More Suitable For Single Vent?

Vent or cleavage on the back serves to facilitate moving. Double vents suits were originally European models, making it easy for us to take a wallet in the back pocket without having to fold a suit. For those of you who are short, double vents is the right choice. As for you who are tall and thin, it’s better to choose a suit with a single vent or no vent.

You must have also heard of a tuxedo, which is a black formal suit with the back of a tail, must be worn with a white shirt collar wing (wing collar) and a bow tie or bow tie. If the invitation says a black tie dress code, then you are asked to use this setting.

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