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Watches can never be separated from many people in this world. The first reason, humans need tools to show time, brand or have to look at the clock on the wall. Yes if in the room, if in the open how? Secondly because this object can function as an accessory. Supporting the appearance that is widely used by men and women.

Along with the times, the design of the watch is not merely a matter of analog. Seconds and minutes that spin as long as there is energy from the battery. Today many designers are making the circular objects in their hands much more unique. Even sometimes it’s weird too. Well, this is the watch with the most unique design that also seems obligatory for our collection.

1. Late Anyway Watch Micharlkors Outlet

Just one word for the designer who made this watch: brilliant! He designed a watch that did not have a circular number. In a sense, we will only guess what time is it now and will it be late if we come to the office?

2. Eye of A Storm 

Eye of A Storm
Eye of A Storm

The most important part of a watch is its surface or face. From there we can know the time precisely. The surface of this watch that contains a lot of rows of numbers and sometimes given expensive diamond ornaments. But, what happens if you use a watch that has no surface?

Like this one watch design. You will not find a row of numbers. There is only a black bracelet and a circular but hollow watch frame in the middle. On the edge of the watch there is a small digital needle that moves with time. This hour is almost similiar the clock on the first point above.

3. Time Traveler

For a traveler whose hobby is traveling, hours are a must. With this hour they will catch up to the flight, bus or train departure time. With this hour they can also adjust the time if they come to other countries.

Those of us who have cellphone phones may simply convert them. If in western Indonesia at 7 am, then in Japan at 9 am. To be more eccentric and unique, designers create watches that show world time. They replaced the watch with the country’s landmarks. Unique and worth collecting!

4. Geeky Equation Watch 

Geeky Equation Watch
Geeky Equation Watch

Just looking at Mathematics equations makes me dizzy, how come I was told to see a watch full of numbers like this. What’s more dizzy and confused at what time.

Actually we don’t need to solve the problem within hours. Because the answer is certain. If above the middle means the number 12, and below itself the middle is the number 6. However, this watch becomes unique and scary for those who always get a red mathematical value. Dare to use?

5. The Bradley

The Bradley Watch
The Bradley Watch

For a blind person, a watch is just a useless device other than as decoration. Their lack makes them unable to see time. They know what time it is if someone tells them.

But the dark era is over. There was a watch called The Bradley. This watch is uniquely designed so that a blind person can use it. The needle is replaced with a small iron ball that the user is able to feel. At the edge means the hour mark, and the top means minute. Great!

6. ZIIIRO Proton

Ziiiro Proton Watch
Ziiiro Proton Watch

This watch has a very unique design. Look at the picture below. Can you understand the meaning of the two colors displayed by the ZIIIRO proton watch ? Really! The color gradation from green to yellow is used as a watch. And the color gradation from blue to white to show minutes.

Wearing this watch requires us to think for a moment. But it will gradually get used to because basically no system has been changed.


Qlocktwo Watch
Qlocktwo Watch

Most of the watch designs above are very difficult and confusing for the wearer. But last but not least, you will be made easy with a watch display. There are no numbers displayed, only a row of letters that indicate time.

You just need to read. For example: it is half past seven. We don’t need to see confusing numbers. The watch will give a precise answer. Interested in buying?

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