Urban Male Style

Currently the function of clothing is not just to cover our bodies, but now clothing has become a fashion that can be a reflection of the personality or character of the wearer. Currently in urban areas there is one fashion style that is often used by both teenagers or young men, namely Urban Street Style. Michaelkors Outlet

Urban street style is often based on individualism, by using this fashion style everyone can be free in expressing their way of dress that suits their identity. Urban style takes elements that characterize the city where they live, so each region has a different style and characteristics. Here are some tips for clothes that can be used for urban street style.

  • Baggy T-Shirt – Many of the men in the Urban Street Style style often wear t-shirts that are larger than their body size. The use of baggy t shirts is much influenced by the flow of hip hop music where the singers use baggy t shirts. T shirts with large print images and colors that seem ‘bold’ are often used to display a different appearance from the others.
  • Jeans – From the old to the young, from men to women, jeans are one of the pants that we often encounter everyday. Therefore many urban men make jeans as their everyday outfit. Besides ordinary jeans, there is also one type of jeans that are often worn by urban men, namely baggy jeans. Just like baggy t shirts, baggy jeans are also heavily influenced by hip hop music. Tas Branded
  • Jacket and Hoodie – Now jackets and hoodies are not only clothes that are used when we are cold or during bad weather such as rain or wind, but jackets and hoodies are now one of the fashion items that cannot be separated from our daily activities. Urban men often use jackets or hoodies to complement their style. –
  • Sneakers and Boots- Footwear is one of the most important parts of fashion style, as is urban street style. Selection of the right footwear can make you look up. Sneakers are usually chosen by urban men for a casual look. Besides sneakers, urban men also often wear boots to look more adventurous.

Accessories for Urban Street Style Men Sepatu Branded

  • Hats and Skullcaps – For urban men, hats and skullcaps have become a part that can perfect their appearance. Hats with strong designs and bold colors are widely used by urban men. Hats with a firm color are not only used to support the appearance but also the cage can reflect the community they follow. The type of hat most commonly used by urban men is the snapback cap. The use of kupluk usually gives the impression of being relaxed for the user.
  • Bag – In addition to its main function, the bag can also be additional accessories for urban men in completing their appearance. The bag used also depends on the type of activity that will be carried out. Waist bag or sling bag is suitable to carry during casual hanging out.

Above are some clothes that are often used by urban men, solid matching your clothes until it looks “this is me”. So, what’s your style.

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