Wear a Hoodie with Fashionable style

Hoodies or jackets with head protection have always been the mainstay of clothing for men or women. Apart from being warm, the hoodie is also simple. No wonder his popularity has always skyrocketed. However, wearing a hoodie is often assumed to be “lazy” or “unstyled”. So that you don’t get labeled as “out of style”, here are some tips!

Maybe in general, you must wear a hoodie with your favorite jeans, right? It’s time to change your style and refresh your look with additional outfits like Korean models or idols. The key is layering your hoodie and mix & match. Cuss… listen!

Overshirt is a fashion item that goes well with a hoodie. the combination of the two items still displays a casual look. It’s perfect for traveling. Tips so that you are not hot or uncomfortable, choose a hoodie with cotton that is soft and cool and comfortable on the body.

  • Hoodie + Jacket

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Who says jackets are only used for t-shirts? In fact, if you are good at mix and match, any type of jacket will look fashionable when paired with a hoodie. Bomber jacket, denim, or leather. You can choose all types of jackets according to the desired style. So, you can only have 2 hoodies, but can be combined with 2 different jackets. Finally you will have 4 different looks. Secret tip, you can still combine the zipper or pull over hoodie types, you know! As long as the inner is not more flashy than the hoodie, huh! So that you are not confused, you can see an example below!

Unlike the previous style, this style is quite different because it uses a coat. For people who live in the tropics, coats are rarely used, but who would have thought that wearing them with a hoodie would look so great?

Well, those are some style recommendations for wearing a special hoodie that you can try, here! Actually, there are several other looks, such as a sport look with slim-fit jogger pants + hoodie. It all comes back to each other’s preferences, huh!

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