What Does Sustainable Fashion Mean?

Sustainable Fashion is an effort in the fashion industry to save the environment! Read more, let’s!

The textile industry is one of the largest industries because clothing is a basic human need. The faster the internet grows, the faster the textile and fashion industry will grow.
Therefore, now people can buy clothes more easily and make people’s behavior buy clothes more frequently.
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So, the amount of waste from the fashion industry on our planet has made many people realize how important it is to create a sustainable fashion movement or ethical fashion practices.
So, What is Sustainable Fashion?

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Sustainable fashion is a fashion practice that is supported by ethics to protect the environment in order to preserve the earth and reduce the contribution of pollution and non-biodegradable waste while at the same time prioritizing the welfare of factory workers.

What’s the Difference between Sustainable Fashion and Fast Fashion?

The easiest way to distinguish between the two is that sustainability is the antithesis or the opposite of fast fashion, namely slow fashion.
Fast fashion emphasizes on the latest designs quickly so that consumers can quickly buy clothes according to the trends of each season. Generally, clothes from the fast fashion industry are mass produced, using cheaper materials, and are done by workers in developing countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, and including Indonesia because wages are below average.

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Meanwhile, sustainable fashion is more concerned with how to produce clothes with the least possible damage to the environment. Starting from timeless designs, using organic materials that are easily biodegradable, durable products, much less quantity of products (many also make it with a pre-order system), and empowering local workers and paying attention to their welfare as well.

How? Now you know what sustainable fashion is, right? You can contribute to the environment too, you know through fashion!

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