What is Smart Casual for Men?

There are times when you just want to wear casual clothes for everyday life, but suddenly have to attend to the required agenda to look neat. Instead of men frantically faced with such conditions, a smart casual appearance can be the safest choice.

Smart-casual itself is an appearance using clothes that are more formal than a tracksuit, but not as formal as wearing a suit. How to apply this appearance is fairly easy. Previously, all you have to do is look at the smart-casual style guide that can inspire the following daily looks. Michaelkors Outlet

For a semi-formal appearance when going to the office, men can apply a smart casual outfit that is comfortable and still looks professional. In addition, men with smart casual styles can look one level more masculine and neat when mixing and matching clothes with this hassle-free concept. In order not to get the wrong costume, try to see the complete guide to applying smart casual clothes to the following men.

  1. Change the mindset

This definition of style goes beyond what kind of clothes you wear. In fact, the most important point is how you represent the appearance of these clothes. This means that you can be judged applying this style when it looks sleek using polished shoes, neatly ironed pants, a handkerchief that is folded properly, and so on. So smart-casual doesn’t just mean wearing neat clothes that give a relaxed impression, huh!

2. The formula for one to two clothes

Given that the notion of smart-casual is often misunderstood, try to follow the following formula. There are bomber jackets, plain t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. Everything suits casual style, right? Now you try to exchange one or two of these clothes for a blazer, shirt, chinos, and loafers. Of course it will give a different impression from the previous casual style. You will easily find a smart casual style using this formula.

3. Adjust the color of the clothes

The most basic learning about formal and casual clothes can be seen from the colors used. Usually, colors with dark tones are identical to formal clothes, and vice versa. So you can play with color tones for a smart-casual look. For example, there are beige bomber jackets, plain white T-shirts, stonewashed jeans, and white sneakers. You can change the color of the jacket or pants to navy which will instantly make you look dressier.

4. Change the material of clothing

Not much different from the previous point, you can also adjust the level of formal or casual clothes on the materials used. Formal wear tends to be finer and shinier. Try changing your blazer or flannel shirt with wool. You will get a casual impression from your clothes which will look more volume. This method also applies to various types of clothing, from shirts, pants, to shoes.

5. Using a blazer

Tas Branded
Blazer is arguably a must-have staple item to easily achieve this look. Some clothes that are considered too casual such as t-shirts or short-sleeved shirts, non-trousers, and sneakers can be saved by simply adding a blazer. So try to bring a blazer so that you always take care if you want to feel safe when wearing casual clothes.

6. Get away from you

A note that you must remember is that the smart casual style never uses a tie in its appearance. That applies when you want to wear a shirt, grandad shirt, polo shirt, roll neck, and so on. The tie will only give an impression that is too smart on your appearance and takes away the casual value you are looking for. Instead, you should open one or two of the top buttons to give a more relaxed impression to your clothes.

7. Playing with shoes Sepatu Branded

Do you think there are ways to make smart shoes more casual? The answer is of course there is. When using these shoes, the game of color still has a significant role. As black is the most formal, brown is more casual, and tan is much more casual. Besides that, the silhouette of the shoes also matters. For example, a round or almond shaped toe model is considered more casual than a pointy shape.

8. Take advantage of your polo shirt

The collar detail on a shirt does give a more formal effect than a top that doesn’t have a collar. Try to look at all the smart-casual looks, at least there is always a collar.

Like when you wear a T-shirt, you definitely need to wear a blazer right? The blazer definitely gives a smart look due to the presence of the collar. Try it if you only wear a t-shirt, your appearance must be lacking and it doesn’t look “smart”.

If you don’t want to wear a pile of tops, you can take advantage of a polo shirt. With just one top, you can look a little more formal than a regular t-shirt.

For his subordinates, you can wear chinos and a leather belt as a formal accessory. Put your polo shirt in your pants, your appearance will definitely look mature and masculine.

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