What’s your clothes say what’s your personality!

Boys will always be boys. This phrase, seems to say that there is only one male character in the world, origin and mess. In fact, their characters are different from one another, you know. But it is not difficult to judge men. The women can see their character from the way they dress. Be careful of men! Your personality can be seen from the way you dress. Come, see what your clothes say about your personality.

1. Super sporty and casual clothes

T-shirts that are equipped with a jacket on the outside. Then add shorts and sneakers. Your appearance is simple and and super relaxed. The sneakers you wear add the perfect sporty impression. Men with clothes like this look very active and full of energy. He uses shoes that are comfortable clothes so that it is easy to move from one activity to another. He said, this type of man is also easy to forget something when he was busy alone.

2. Formal and classic clothes Michaelkors Outlet

How often do you see men wearing blazers or suits? Indeed clothing like this is rarely used everyday. But if you’re the one who likes the classic formal look, you will definitely be the center of attention. Even so, those who wear clothes like this don’t really like ‘lots of style’. They are actually quite disciplined and uphold the applicable rules. This man also has a high taste and responsibility.

3. Casual clothes

Men with casual clothing style like this are usually more fun, easy going and humorous. They look very relaxed in T-shirts and jeans. But sometimes they like to add a neat impression with the addition of a sweater. The shoes they use vary. Sometimes they can use boots to keep them stylish even though they may not change their jeans for a long time.

4. Carelessly style

The most positive thing about this type of man is feeling comfortable with himself. They are confident enough that they don’t care about what other people say. They also don’t really like to disturb others because of the same reasons for him. They do not want to be disturbed during their relaxed periods. This type of man is seen in several different clothes from time to time. From ‘faded’ shirts to perforated jackets.

5. Very fashionable style

Not only women. Men also like to pay attention to their appearance. Come on, admit it! Maybe for this one type is a bit extreme. They simply love the appearance and attention of others towards themselves. They pay attention to their appearance from head to toe. Not infrequently they are seen wearing several pieces of clothing piled from head to toe.

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