World Color Trends in 2021

Every year the color trend will always change. These color trends will eventually influence fashion trends in general. Call it fashion trends, bags, to house paint. Michaelkors Outlet

Kilala Tilaar, Corporate Creative and Innovative Director of PT Martina Berto, said that companies often have to deal with trend forecasting agencies to have an idea of what colors to use in the next year. But the question is who determines the color trends that these agencies ‘sell’?

This agency gets color trends from Intercolor, an organization that has existed since 1954 or after World War II. Instead of thinking about war, there is a group of people who come together to determine color trends. This color trend is then used in the automotive, textile and cosmetic industries. “explained the man who is familiarly called Kiki during a media meeting at Pour Que No.
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For information, there are several institutions that have become ‘forecasters’ of color trends in the world, one of which is Intercolor and Pantone. But the two are different institutions.

Indonesia, through the Martha Tilaar Foundation, became one of the 17 member countries of Intercolor officially in 2018. Indonesia will also determine the color trend in the next two years or in Spring / Summer 2021. According to Kiki, this is an achievement in itself for Indonesia.

For about 32 years or since 1987 Martha Tilaar, through the Sariayu label, has consistently formulated color trends based on Indonesian culture and nature. Apparently this is one of the reasons Intercolor has pinned Indonesia as a member country and it is listed on the organization’s official website.

Meanwhile, in order to participate in determining the color trend in 2021, Kiki collaborated with visual communication design students from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). The results of this collaboration were also presented as a presentation material for the Intercolor meeting in March 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

(Previously) we were given an assignment with the theme ‘A Day in 2030’. So we make stories, storyboards, as well as the results according to the picture in 2030. Each country has its own picture, “said Kiki. Sepatu Branded

“The imagination is that if Indonesia is naturally damaged, people live in caves, there is high pollution, to the point that ITB students imagine people innovating to live under the sea. Another story, if people repent, take care of nature, our country could be green.”

In the next stage, the 17 countries ‘breakfast’ are joined, grouped and given names. Indirectly, members of the images of countries have a common thread. Each meeting will generate a color trend for the next two years. Two years, said Kiki, was used to prepare the industry.

Coral orange is the color trend this year. Kiki was reluctant to mention the color trend that will be crowded in 2020. However, he gave a leak that the colors that will be trending will not be far or jump from the orange gradient. Officially, Intercolor will open for media and public in October.

“Social implementation, we indirectly join Intercolor. In the future I want to collaborate with other companies, designers, not only with ITB. Opportunities must be opened for all, because something is trending because everyone is using it, right?” he concluded.

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