Young man, this is the style you must know to be cool

Regarding clothing, girls are often more concerned with fashion and beauty. As for boys, the most important thing is comfort. Even so comfortable, sometimes there are also guys who have never changed the style of clothing from small to adult. If that’s the case, in the end they bully other boys who are always stylish and follow the latest fashions. Or, they complain why the boys sold, while he is lazy to change the style is still single.

It’s okay to complain, it’s everyone’s right. But instead of complaining and doing nothing, isn’t it better if you at least put effort in your dress style? To look like a stylish and attractive guy is not difficult. You just need to master the 5 classic looks of this guy. Check it out! Michaelkors Outlet

  • Sporty and Simple

The first look that all guys need is a comfortable and sporty look. You may also be familiar with this look. Okay, comfortable that is priority. Comfortable looks like loose-fitting training pants and hoodies, T-shirts, baggy jeans, everything is comfortable but they have nothing to pull at all. To raise the level of your simple appearance, there are special tricks that are easy to follow, namely making sure that your clothes are loose, not too loose and not too tight whether it’s jeans, t-shirts, or your sports jacket. Anyway, hold back your desire to wear your leeway clothes so that you look sporty but also stylish!

For a “trendy” look, every boy has his choice of what style is considered fitting with his personality. Maybe you’re a metal and rock’n roll guy so you’re more comfortable with a leather jacket, skinny jeans and boots. Or you are a unique type of vintage guy, a hobby to use suspenders, fedora hats, and other old school accessories. Or also, you are the type of bohemian guy who is “artsy” who likes to wear unique clothes such as kimonos, tunic tops, and cardigans. All types of this trendy look you must master if you want to look attractive in the eyes of women. Nothing is more interesting than a guy who knows to express himself and his personality through the way he is dressed.

  • Business Look

At the age of 25 years, surely most of you are just starting the initial steps towards a career. Even so, you need a professional look that can help you stand out at work, and “business look” is the answer. Work appearance or “Business look” sometimes are often measured by formal appearance, but they are actually different! The work appearance is basically a professional appearance, tailored to your field of work. Even though your work varies, there are actually universal rules for the appearance of work. For example, wearing sneakers or sports shoes to a certain place of work is really not! It’s not polite. Combine your loafers with clothes like shirts and trousers like material. Surely girls would prefer those who go to the office dapperly, right? Sepatu Branded

  • Smart Casual

Smart casual look is a combination of formal and casual look that is really fitting for special events that are not formal. For example, you can wear it to events such as dating with a boyfriend, having lunch with a client, or playing with friends to a cafe that just nitshits it. Unlike formal clothes, you just have to combine clothes like blazers and material pants with more informal clothes like quality shirts or jeans.

  • Formal Batik

Black suit, fabric pants, shirt, tie, loafers, formal clothes like that you must have before reaching the age of 25 years. Surely as you get older you will increasingly attend formal events ranging from master’s sessions, friends’ weddings, or funerals. And as you get older, it’s no longer possible to just wear a faded shirt and jeans to the event. In addition to black suits and pants, you also need formal batik that is very typical of Indonesian!

How about boys, have you mastered the five types of display above?

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